Dark Fractures

Against the grain | Film

Against the grain is a project investigating the relationship between art, music and architecture. Architecture is used as a tool to experience and create music, and music is used as a tool to experience and create architecture. Against the grain is based in an old industrial mill in Sandviken, Bergen where the Bergen School of Architecture is situated today. The project has been held in the newly renovated silo of the building. The concrete structures of the space create unique acoustics with a reverb time around 7 seconds. The recordings started 8-10/10-2010.

With amongst others: Fredrik Owesen (Electronics) Håvard Tveito (Bass, electronics) Johannes Stockhausen Hektoen (electronics) Ole Christensen (synths and electronics) Kjetil Manheim (drums) Nils Martin Haugfos (Drums) Vigleik Skogerbø (guitars)

Feileacán McCormick (lighting and video) Marte Skolseg Bruvik (Visuals). Conrad Schnitzler has kindly provided source material. Mastered at Earlabs by Jos Smolders. Cover by Robert Høyem (Overhaus)