Dark Fractures

Cabin/Woods | Thesis Film

CABIN/WOODS is an architectural thesis project that uses film to communicate a series of architectural interventions that explore the intersection of culture/nature as a productive friction. The film itself is also an experiment/exploration of computer game engines for the creation of animated film & their potential as an architectural tool.

The cabin in its modern, Scandinavian form is attempted negotiated, formally exploring cabins that neither attempt a nostalgic state of the primitive, nor succumb to a hi-tech gadget-lust. Simultaneously they attempt an exploration of intimacy: the modern cabin would seem to labor towards a purely aesthetic experience of nature. I.e through seeking to become impenetrable towards any agent of nature attempting to traverse its threshold. Nature may be experienced when outdoors, but within the safe confines of the cabin the situation becomes at times hard to distinguish from a generic urban dwelling. In fact it has become ever more common that the cabin actually is built larger & with greater comfort than the owners urban dwelling.

These cabins attempt to re-work the spectrum between hermetic cultural shelter and the inescapably exposed natural condition, shifting the cabin so as to underline the borderland between the two. Drawing from a vocabulary sourced from the typical ways we inhabit the forest, from seeking shelter below an overhang to the cabin itself these cabins attempt to grasp the ephemeral of the body seeking shelter in the woods: a frail, moving body seeking to organize its surroundings so as to safely rest. The cabins form therefore is not that of a ready shelter, but of a recognizable potential.

CABIN/WOODS received an honorable mention from the Danish Velux Dagslyslegat as well as being awarded "Årets Utstiller" in the Norwegian ANSA "Juvenarte: Artistic Trajectories" exhibition.