Dark Fractures
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Nature's Ruin | Print Series

Nature's Ruin is an ongoing print series (available here).

A three-dimensional scan of Nature is the re-enactment of a natural section of topography that doesn’t pretend to be other than an imitation of surface. The resulting surface can appear, almost groundlessly, meaningful in its organic, imperfect complexity.

In many ways it appears to be ruinous. Nature, as we know & understand it doesn’t contain ruins of itself, in that everything is part of organic processes that are part of a continuous (re)shaping. Unlike buildings & other built artifacts that are inserted/erected within these processes and immediately begin to develop a measurable distance from their origin, in Nature there are no bones to be weathered by the elements, no body to be conquered & re-purposed by plants and animals.

Yet when we gaze upon a scanned section of Nature it invokes the ruinous. The scan has become a ruin of nature. An aesthetic object signifying something that it has been, or rather, was born of. This melancholy object, existing separate of its origin is a curious object. No longer a representation, or re-enactment we can treat it as a conquerable territory, one opened to possession, to weathering & to reminiscence.